helping people heal their horses with natural solutions

our mission is to create a transformational change by utilizing alternative solutions outside of the conventional paradigm


Nutrition can impact our horse’s overall constitution, or their vitality. Poor constitution can leave the horse vulnerable to disease, infection, and general failure to thrive. A horse with a robust constitution is more likely to bounce back from surgery, injuries, and illness. Finding a diet that fits the horse’s particular needs is a necessary step to creating balance in the horse.


From training, environment, herd dynamics, work load, to nutrition - all the pieces create a strong foundation for the horse to reach its full potential. Creating a natural environment that is suitable for the horse to thrive is the first step to setting a horse up for success. 


Bodywork can be more than just relief for pain and stiffness; it can be used to realign the entire body and spirit, bringing the horse back into to vibrational balance. Energetic forms of bodywork can release stored trauma, boost the immune system, rebalance internal organs and emotions, and improve overall health.