Meredith Barrett lives on a large cattle ranch in Wyoming where she and her husband work caring for cattle, horses, and the land that supports them. Originally from Georgia, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Ecology before moving to the west, where she has worked on ranches in Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, and now Wyoming.

After moving to a remote ranch in New Mexico, Meredith’s relationship with horses intensified when her mare gave birth to a foal. From early on, the foal, Santo, began having unique and difficult health issues. There began her learning odyssey into healing horses with an alternative perspective.

Meredith’s formal learning began in 2019, when she entered an intensive three year mentorship program with Dr. Madalyn Ward focusing on homeopathy, horse element typing, nutrition, and eventually Bowen Therapy. Meredith has also earned her certification in Equine Acupressure from the Northwest School of Animal Message, and is currently studying under Tracy Vroom's CranioConnection program, where she has completed level one through three certifications in Craniosacral Therapy. 

Today Meredith spends her time helping on the ranch and tending to all her dogs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and helping people with their horses. She learns daily from the various health issues that arise within her own herd of horses she cares for on the ranch, which has given her a practical, hands on perspective. The natural processes in nature that dictate daily ranch life underline the importance of a healthy lifestyle - a key component to her outlook on horse health.


Dr. Madalyn Ward Homeopathic Mentorship, Bowen Therapy 

Certified Equine Acupressure (NWSAM)

Certified Craniosacral Therapy (RMSAAM)