(mō-dăl′ĭ-tē) n. a therapeutic method or agent that involves the physical treatment of a disorder; a particular way of doing or experiencing something



Developed from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupressure is a non-invasive energetic technique that uses light touch to move energy (or “chi”) in the body through energetic channels. Along these channels, or meridians, are specific points where the chi can become blocked, causing pain and dysfunction, and where you can most effectively release blockages to restore balance.



Craniosacral Therapy is an energetic modality that utilizes light touch to examine the flow, or tide-like motion, of the cerebrospinal fluid of the Central Nervous System through the sutures of the cranium, as well as the spine and rest of the body and its tissues. The practitioner’s goal is to energetically remove any blockages or restrictions of the tide-like flow, enabling the body to restore its natural rhythm.



Bowen Therapy is an energetic bodywork modality to help assist as a “reset” to the body’s nervous system. Bowen uses a simple, soft, manual technique with the hand to send out energetic vibrations across the body, almost like plucking the string of a guitar, or a ripple through a pond.


Using the principle, "like cures like," homeopathy works as a safe and powerful energetic modality to assist with everyday ailments to chronic complaints, as well as emotional issues.