David Landreville


In David's own words:

"Simulating Miles Of Wear For Continual Development

My focus is on trimming the back of the foot so the horse can comfortably commit more weight into the heels from the first set up trim and beyond.  The Frog/Heel/Seat of Corn relationship is critical for continual development.  

My approach is to Simulate Miles Of Wear For Continual Development for horses who don’t have the acreage for actual miles. From my experience of studying and trimming horses on large ranches here in the Southwest, my estimation of adequate mileage to achieve growth/wear equilibrium is about 20 miles per day.  Just to put that in perspective, a 1 mile X 3 mile pasture is about 2000 acres.  An average horse would have to go from one end to the other 3 times per day to get adequate miles of wear.  In many cases, just putting a horse on vast acreage without correcting their feet first only makes them wear them down crooked. Years of timely responsible corrections are needed to grow out years of crookedness. A combination of actual miles and simulated miles ( frequent proper trimming ) can be used to correct and build horse’s feet. The fewer actual miles horses get, the more simulated miles they need…to make every step work for them, instead of against them."

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